Grist Mil is the new solo project of Long Island emo scene staple Derrick Sherman, and his debut EP Young Dudley (produced by longtime collaborator and fellow LI scene staple Mike Sapone) will be out on April 17. We're premiering lead single "Sea of Trees" in this post. Derrick has been involved with tons of notable bands over the years (most recently, he'd been playing in Sainthood Reps, and he also used to be in The Reunion Show and he played in Brand New for a while), but we haven't ever really heard him take the lead like this and it turns out he's a great singer/songwriter too. The song kinda sounds like Nirvana's "Something in the Way," but it's got that atmosphere and melodrama that you might expect from a guy with Derrick's résumé. He says:

I started to write this song one morning in the back of the van outside of a hotel while on tour somewhere in Texas. The tour wasn’t going well, a few of us (in the band) were really tired of each other by that point. I just wanted to go home and get away from everyone for a while. We were stuck together for another couple of weeks and I couldn’t bare the thought of having to stick it out. I just wanted to die or be left behind. To be somewhere quiet and alone, seemed like luxury I wouldn’t be able to afford.

Listen below...

Collapse Into Nowhere
Cerulean Blue
Sea Of Trees
23 High Times

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