Sally Shapiro

In 2004 we had Annie from Norway. In 2005 we had Robyn from Sweden. So who was our Scandinavian "disco princess" of 2006? That award goes to....Sweden's own Sally Shapiro!

Sally Shapiro"If Sally Shapiro sounds tentative, it's because she never intended on singing. As the story goes, pal and fledgling Swedish producer Johan Agebjörn was so struck by Shapiro's demure caroling voice that he set to the studio and whipped this up specifically for her." [Pitchfork]

"Sally Shapiro is a slice of irresistible italo-disco-synthpop." [Big Stereo]

"Sally Shapiro: The New Belle & Sebastian" [Status Ain't Hood]


P.S. : : Robyn came out with a 5-song EP this year. It's called The Rakamonie EP. It's streaming at her website. I like it. Pitchfork gave it a 7.8.

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