Sam Mickens

This Sunday (2/24) at 285 Kent, the Brooklyn venue will be hosting a bittersweet show: on the bright side, it's the third annual birthday for JMC Aggregate and they've booked a great lineup of Sam Mickens' Ecstatic Showband & Revue, Les Bonhommes (mems. Deerhoof, Rainer Maria), Celestial Shore, and DJ Conquerrah. (The location was moved to 285 Kent from Silent Barn, and admission is $10 at the door.)

But the bad side is that it's unfortunately the last-ever show for Sam Mickens' Ecstatic Showband & Revue, who are calling it quits after three years of activity. Sam writes:

The Ecstatic Showband & Revue began with a residency at the deeply-missed Zebulon at the beginning of 2009, only about a month after I relocated to New York. It has been a hub of some of my dearest musical friends and collaborators, a wonderful and exhausting experience, and we've left lots of blood on the dance floor. Rather than fade away, I wanted to present the band in a grand burn out, to coincide with my third-annual birthday celebration with the good people at JMC Aggregate. We will be joined by the roiling Les Bonhommes (members of Deerhoof & Rainer Maria) and golden hope of the future Celestial Shore, as well as my preferred selector, the mighty, mighty DJ Conquerrah.

The Ecstatic Showband & Revue leaves to posterity these two singles: "One Final Round" b/w "To Victory or Death" and "Burning Hell" b/w "I'm Evil, as well as a trove of unrecorded music, some of which has been documented in one rough form or another. We are honored to retire the undisputed Heavyweight Soul Champions of Brooklyn(citation) and promise everyone quite literal blood( did I already mention blood?), sweat, and tears on this gala evening.

(Never Surrender Our) Love,

Not long ago, Sam successfully funded his new album, Kayfabe: Laamb of G.O.D., on Kickstarter, so hopefully we'll still get to hear that and he finds a way to continue his musical endeavors. Meanwhile, you can stream those two recent singles below...


Sam Mickens - "One Final Round"/"To Victory or Death"

Sam Mickens - "Burning Hell"/"I'm Evil"

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