Pianist, vocalist, and composer Samora Pinderhughes is bringing his multi-disciplinary work The Healing Project to Carnegie Hall on Friday, February 10 for its NY debut. It's described as "a condemnation of racial capitalism and the prison industrial complex, and an artistic celebration of resilience, healing, and resistance," and here's more about the piece from The New York Times:

The Grief LP is one of three components in the Healing Project, a yearslong undertaking based around roughly 100 interviews Pinderhughes conducted with people of color who had been incarcerated or had experienced some form of “structural violence,” he said. The first part of the project was a visual-art exhibition that opened at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco in March, and will be on view through September. Then came Grief last month. And on May 17, he unveiled an online archive of the interviews and an accompanying interactive online experience, which he hopes will help to bring listeners from all over the country — and beyond — into contact with the stories of his interviewees and their arguments for prison abolition.

Pinderhughes created the Healing Project in pursuit of answers to two lines of inquiry, both about mass incarceration in the United States. “How is this operating, and what is the machinery that’s going on systemically that’s doing this to us, and how can we fight back? That’s one set of questions,” he said over coffee in Harlem, where he now lives. “And then the other one, on the personal tip, is: How am I a part of that? How am I implicated and how am I doing something against it? What does that make me feel like? How am I dealing?”

Joining Pinderhughes for The Healing Project, which was produced by Anna Deavere Smith, Vijay Iyer, and Glenn Ligon, are Nio Levon, Nia Drummond, Vuyo Sotashe, Dani Murcia, Elliott Skinner, Jehbreal Muhammad Jackson, Brayla Cook, Nina Moffit, Tim Smith, Taj Sapp, and Schadrack Pierre (vocals); Joshua Crumbly and Boom Bishop (electric bass); Rafiq Bhatia (guitar); Jack DeBoe (drums); Burniss Travis (bass); Chris Pattishall (piano); Elena Pinderhughes (flute); Argus Quartet; and Christian Padron (projection design). Tickets are still available, and you can stream Grief below.

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