Back in 2020, San Diego melodic hardcore band Bent Blue put out the demo Between Your and You're, and now they're giving it a wider, expanded release on March 18 via War Records. Bent Blue have earned themselves a handful of Revolution Summer comparisons, so it's fitting that one of the demo's new songs is a Gray Matter cover, but as they prove on the new original song "Wild Words, Strange Sounds," they're also continuing to find their own sound and not just worshipping classic bands. From the sharper production to the stronger songrwiting, "Wild Words, Strange Sounds" marks a noticeable step-up for Bent Blue and the video for the song premieres in this post. Here's what singer Tony Bertolino tells us about it:

For a while now I’ve been trying to do better at taking ownership for my understanding of things I feel are wrong in the world. I’ve recognized that there are critical issues that I’ve been far too passive on trying to understand and improve. So I’ve been taking more time to read books, to get curious, and to be more rigorous in applying critical thought to topics. In many ways it’s been empowering, but sorting through the noise of my own biases, social paradigms, and external misinformation often leaves me mentally taxed.

To me, the song “Wild Words, Strange Sounds” is about struggling in the earnest pursuit of honesty in a post-truth world. Like when you’re sincerely yearning to do the right thing, but the obstacles in front of you keep piling up. It’s about that agonizing frustration that comes from failing in your attempts to draw meaningful conclusions on things that you feel matter. It also highlights what I feel is merit in the effort spent sifting through the clutter and the distortion of overwhelming information and endless opinions. I think when we find that the answers we need are really hard to come by, a hope for liberation can be found in our choice to keep pushing.

The idea behind the video for "Wild Words, Strange Sounds" was to metaphorically represent the pursuit of honesty in the midst of chaos. We worked with our friend Joshua Andrade to come up with ways to depict that struggle and I think he nailed it. We can't wait for everyone to check it out.

Check it out and stream the original demo below...


Bent Blue

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