Ohio death metallers Sanguisugabogg have announced their sophomore album, Homicidal Ecstasy, due February 3 via Century Media (pre-order). It was produced by drummer Cody Davidson and mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. "Everything became more legit," vocalist Devin Swank says of the new album. "The musicianship, the production, the lyrics – which delve much more into horror and body horror – are more thought-out. It's not just a bunch of dick and fart jokes." He also adds, "It goes deeper this time, into the psycho-sexual, body-horror, why what some people see as perverse or fetishistic, can also be perfectly normal."

The first single is "Pissed," which finds Sanguisugabogg sounding as brutal and gruesome as ever. "This song is a showcase of the struggle of finding euphoria and bliss out of something savagely disastrous and ultimately just wreaking havoc on anything in your path so it ceases to exist or ever haunt your mind again," the band said in a statement. "It's not self reflection, it's not fantasy, and it's not a game; it's something savagely brutal presented in our own way so you can shove the hell out of the person next to you and have a good time while getting 'Pissed' with us!" Listen and watch the video below.


"Black Market Vasectomy"
"Face Ripped Off"
"Testicular Rot"
"Hungry For Your Insides"
"Skin Cushion"
"A Lesson in Savagery"
"Narcissistic Incisions"
"Mortal Admonishment"
"Proclamation Of The Frail"
"Necrosexual Deviant"
"Feening for Bloodshed"

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