Lauryn Hill's predictably troubled tour continued at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland on Wednesday night, but along with the typical audience complaints after the show (she "went on nearly 3 hours late, and remixed every song to the point of being almost unrecognizable") came news that neither big name opener played. Instead of the advertised sets by Santigold and Nas, the "sparse" audience just got a DJ.

Apparently the crowd was told that Santigold didn't play "due to production issues," but Santigold was more concerned about her fans than staying silent on the matter. She tweeted that Lauryn "took us off the bill." "I’m sorry you paid to see us and we’re not there. That really bums me out. I’m also bummed that @MsLaurynHill and crew didn’t tell ppl why we’re not there," she also wrote to a fan asking about the situation. Santi has since announced that she is also off the only other four dates she was supposed to play, "due to the tour organizers' decision to reduce the support..."

We checked, and Nas is also no longer listed on Ticketmaster on any of the dates he was originally scheduled to perform on. Robert Glasper is probably not surprised.

Meanwhile, it's not all bad. Billboard was at the Portland show and seemed to love it:

The re-ordering of Miseducation live works in Hill’s favor, as fans were treated to uptempo versions of her slower tracks (“Lost Ones,” “Everything Is Everything,” “When It Hurts So Bad”), featuring moments of spontaneity when her band members were feeling the vibe. L-Boogie, the MC, is still sharp, delivering her verses with the same focus as when she first recorded them.

“Happy anniversary, Portland! Twenty years, y’all,” Hill said. “You feel good, everybody? Or grateful that we are here? Twenty years. That music that’s still relevant and still resonates with people -- we are grateful for that. We appreciate all the support we have gotten through the years.”

Lauryn was also not even late to a recent Fashion Week show.

Updated tour dates, including a recently added NJ show (after a recently cancelled NJ show) are HERE.

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