Santos Party House - 10/28/2010 (picturs via the Village Voice)

As I was saying last night, Santos Party House was suddenly shut down right before the Ninja Tune party last night, forcing it to move to BLVD. One person who was there wrote, "Santos can get crowded, but BLVD was just insanely packed. The sound was ear-splittingly bad and the drinks crazy expensive. And STILL we had a great time."

This morning the Village Voice posted the above pictures which give some explanation (from the government's point of view) of what went down...

"(The notice alleges: "Criminal sale or possession of controlled substances, marihuana, or for any other violation of Articles 220 and/or 221 of New York State Penal Law." Articles 220 and 221 set criminal penalties for possession or sale of, yup, marijuana.) A promoter-affiliated door person we spoke with said that she had just arrived at Santos to set up for the party when the police came to shut the venue down. They were told they had to leave because no one was allowed in the building."

Sounds like they are just out to get Santos for whatever reason. Historically club crackdowns always come in waves, so it could be more than a coincidence that Coco66 was also shut down the same week, though they are kind of far apart and in different boroughs and were shut for different reasons (Coco66 was capacity-related or something). Paladino is to blame! Just kidding.

Now just waiting for the national headlines: "party rocker Andrew WK's nightclub alleged drug den".

Stay tuned for more info, but don't count on any of their listed events scheduled for this weekend happening (at Santos anyway), Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black Halloween show included.

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