Sunday night while following chatter that nazi-leaning bands were playing Santos Party House, we simultaneously started receiving and seeing messages stating that the Manhattan club was also closing for good after Sunday night's events.

The below screen-shot email, which nobody at the club will confirm is legit as of this post (we've reached out to about 10 different people), was allegedly sent out this weekend by the club's "Event Coordinator":

santos email

The email, by Jackalyn Tipchaieuh, also references booker Chip Su of New Island Entertainment, who in addition to currently booking Santos, books many clubs around NYC including Black Bear Bar. There has been a lot of turnover at Santos through the years. In March we received an email that "Bianca" was now taking over booking from Curtis Nystrom ("Curtis" is the name of the person who apologized for booking Oi Fest at Black Bear Bar's Facebook).

Anyway, the club most associated with part owner Andrew WK, has been rumored to be closing for a long time. It's not really a surprise. Despite a very hyped and strong opening back in 2008 and some great shows and events through the years, Santos just seemed to be struggling, and it already lasted longer than many of its Manhattan peers.

Another of the club's many owners is rapper Despot who has issued what may be the closest thing to an official statement so far, via Twitter:

DNA Info adds that they talked to "the club’s manager" who "said only that management had decided not to renew its lease".

Another club co-owner/investor we talked to confirmed to us that the lease is up soon, though it was the first this person heard of the closing.

Meanwhile, this was obviously a last minute decision. There are still events scheduled at the club, including a Live Nation-presented June 7th Pro Pain show which is even still on sale. Maybe that will change Tuesday morning when people get back to work after the holiday weekend.

Stay tuned for any updates, and Rest In Peace, Santos (we think).

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