In the cold open of her Hulu show I Love You, America, Sarah Silverman addressed a topic that a lot of the world has been talking about, the sexual misconduct allegations against Louis C.K. that he admitted to be true. Sarah says:

We will discover bad things about people we like, or in some cases people we love. Let's just say it, I'm talking about Louis. I've of course been asked to comment and in full honesty I really really really don't want to. I wish I could sit this one out. But then I remembered something I said on this show, that if it's mentionable it's manageable. So I'm going to address the elephant masturbating in the room. Full disclosure, I'm still processing all this shit, but here's where I'm at on it as of this moment. It could change tomorrow and if it does I will keep you posted.

One of my best friends of over 25 years, Louis CK masturbated in front of women. He wielded his power with women in fucked up ways, sometimes to the point where they left comedy entirely. I could couch this with heartwarming stories of our friendship and what a great dad he is, but that's totally irrelevant, isn't it? Yes, it is. It's a real mindfuck, because I love Louis but Louis did these things. Both of these statements are true, so I just keep asking myself: "Can you love someone who did bad things? Can you still love them?" I can mull that over later certainly, because the only people who matter right now are the victims. They are victims, and they're victims because of something he did. So I hope it's okay if I am at once very angry for the women he wronged and the culture that enabled it, and also sad because he's my friend.

Watch the full video below:

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