"I know I’m going to regret saying this," Sarah Silverman told Howard Stern in a Monday (10/22) interview, before telling him that Louis C.K. masturbated in front of her, with her consent. "It’s not analogous to the other women that are talking about what he did to them," she said. "He could offer me nothing. We were only just friends." Less than twenty-four hours after giving the interview, Sarah has apologized for her comments, tweeting, "ugh this is why I don’t like weighing in."

Comedian Rebecca Corry was one of five women to accuse Louis of sexual misconduct, which he later admitted to, in a 2017 New York Times article; she said he asked to masturbate in front of her while they were working on a 2005 television pilot. She tweeted a response to Sarah's interview, saying, "To be real clear, CK had 'nothing to offer me' as I too was his equal on the set the day he decided to sexually harrass me. He took away a day I worked years for and still has no remorse. He’s a predator who victimized women for decades and lied about it."

In her tweet in response, Sarah said, "Rebecca I’m sorry...I can’t seem to do press 4 my show w/out being asked about it. But you’re right- you were equals and he fucked with you and it’s not ok. I’m sorry, friend. You are so talented and so kind." Rebecca thanked her in another tweet: "Thank you. I know exactly how you feel. I can’t seem to live my life without getting rape & death threats, harassed & called a cunt regularly for simply telling the truth. I’m sorry your friend created this situation. We deserve to do our art without having to deal with this shit."

Louis has made multiple controversial stand-up appearances in the less than twelve months since admitting to sexual misconduct, most recently in Boston on Saturday (10/20).

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