Berkeley punks Sarchasm have been grinding for the past decade, and -- fresh off appearing on some cool livestreams like their legendary hometown venue 924 Gilman's and The Fest's -- they announced a new self-titled album, due October 9 via Asian Man Records. They recently released lead single "When's My Right Time Kent?", and we're now premiering the video for that song.

"'When’s My Right Time, Kent?' is about feeling defeated and hopeless in the face of life’s seemingly small disappointments," drummer/vocalist Stevie Campos-Seligman tells us. " It was written after I was rejected from a college I thought I was definitely going to get into. I felt very silly and ashamed for feeling so crushed by what felt like a small issue, yet I could not deny that the rejection felt like the end of the world. The video reflects the feeling of being lost in your identity, and longing for an existence that others may be just as unfulfilled in."

You can definitely pick up on those vibes from the video (which, going by the facemasks, was filmed during the pandemic), and the defeat and hopelessness is offset by the bright, super catchy song which sounds like Dinosaur Jr meets the Angus soundtrack and will have you humming along after just a couple listens. Check it out below.


1. Wither (In D)
2. Scorpio Texas Ranger
3. Us Too
4. Belong
5. I Hate It Here
6. Blacklist
7. Green Hornet
8. When's My Right Time Kent?
9. Spy Vs. Spy
10. Song To Wash Your Hands To
11. Please Hold
12. Supertramp


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