SAULT have released five albums for free download for five days only. The British collective posted the albums on their website and on social media with a somewhat cryptic message:

Here are 5 albums released as an offering to God.

Available for free download for 5 days.

The password to unlock all 5 albums is in the message.


As many fans have pointed out in the replies to SAULT's tweet, the password is "godislove." AIIR is modern classical (like a sequel to this year's AIR), UNTITLED (God) is listed as "gospel" (but still sounds more like SAULT than traditional gospel), Today & Tomorrow leans towards jammy psych-rock, and Earth and 11 seem to feel the most like "regular" SAULT albums. The list of contributors is nowhere to be found at the moment, but from a cursory listen, it sounds like a handful of the usual suspects are on there, alongside several others. Access the albums here.

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