It's Halloween weekend, and to celebrate the occasion, NJ punk/emo bands Saves The Day and Senses Fail have released a split with both bands covering their home state's most legendary Halloween-friendly punk band, the Misfits. It's called Through Being Ghoul, naturally. Saves The Day take on "Some Kinda Hate" and "Where Eagles Dare," while Senses Fail do "We Are 138" and "Attitude," and they both stay faithful to the originals but inject enough of their own flair that you can clearly tell who's behind these covers. Listen to the full split below.

To celebrate the release, Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley and Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen told us about their three favorite Misfits songs that they didn't cover for this split.

Chris Conley said:

Being another band from New Jersey featuring lyrics that use ghoulish overkill you might think Saves The Day grew up listening to The Misfits, but I didn’t start listening to them until I moved to California in my 20s. Once I discovered their albums though I loved them. One of my favorite songs is “Die, Die My Darling” because it sounds like The Clash playing a punk show in a cemetery on Halloween. I love how short the song is, too. The Misfits don’t give you a chance to get bored. Another song I love is the original 7” version of “She” which has keyboards instead of guitars. The album version of “She” sounds like The Stooges, which is rad, but hearing the song pounded out on a Rhodes like Little Richard is just so sick. I’m a big fan of Iggy Pop and I grew up listening to a lot of Elvis with my Dad, so to me “Hollywood Babylon” feels like Iggy doing Elvis, and the mood of the song is dark and plodding. A lot of Misfits songs are uptempo and brutal, which is part of what makes them a special band, but hearing them slow things down is exciting and it works so well.

And Buddy Nielsen's picks:

1. "Last Caress" - This was the first song I heard from them. I was probably 14 and I downloaded it on Limewire. I was shocked cause the lyrics are insane but its so catchy and poppy. It reminds me of smoking cigs in the garage in North NJ.

2. "Saturday Night" - Misfits purists probably hate this jam but I have always loved it. Reminds me of Elvis but punk.

3. "Die, Die My Darling" - Another one I randomly found on Napster when I was 14. I used to mute Tony Hawk and just listen to the a CD I burned from a Napster play list I made and this song was the first song.

Through Being Ghoul is out now via Equal Vision and Pure Noise. Listen via YouTube playlist:

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