Saves The Day's Chris Conley has issued a statement addressing "the recent story" about him and how he "greatly mishandled a relationship with an old friend." The statement comes after accusations were spreading on social media earlier in the day.

He apologizes for making "an unacceptable number of inappropriate missteps causing irreversible harm." He also admits, "all of this happened, and there are pictures to prove it."

However, Chris also adds that he is "particularly troubled by the 'grooming' claims, which do not reflect the true nature of the relationship as toxic as it was in other regards."

Chris also says that he has "been emotionally unstable my entire life and I sometimes wrestle with severe anger management issues" and that "suffering from depression for decades drove me to drink to a dangerous degree."

He then goes on to say, "I wish I had taken the critical steps I needed to correct the course of my life a million years ago, but I did not."

Read his full statement here:

Saves The Day's label Equal Vision also posted the following:

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