SBTRKT was at the forefront of the crossover between dance music and indie music in the early 2010s, but he's been very quiet lately... until now. He just released his first new song in six years, "BODMIN MOOR," and it's definitely not a retread of his classic material. It's dark and clattering in a way that feels new for SBTRKT, and it comes with a cinematic video directed by THE REST. SBTRKT says:

Theres a whole lot of story layers in the video which i’ll leave you to figure out! Check the trailer which is the prequel to it! Shout to Alex - THE REST - for bringing the ideas to life.

The main plot for the video represents my journey through the music business - and my prior records being owned in perpetuity by someone else. A big part of my reason for taking so long to return is navigating the industry and figuring out how to own my art.

According to a press release, "There is much to be inferred from this first look into the new world of SBTRKT, so keep your eyes peeled as the concept begins to take shape and the fragments start to align." Stay tuned!

SBTRKT Bodmin Moor

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