Scarecrow -- the thrashy Bay Area band featuring guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome, etc), drummer Will Carroll (Death Angel, Hammers of Misfortune, etc), bassist Damien Sisson (Death Angel), and guitarist Bud Burke (ex-Exhumed) -- were initially around in the mid/late 2000s and released a 2008 split with Landmine Marathon, and now they're back for the first time in over a decade and just released the new EP Raise the Death's Head on Relapse. Will Carroll says:

When Matt hit me up about reactivating Scarecrow I was thrilled. We worked our asses off the first time around but never had a proper recording to show for it. It always felt like there was unfinished business. So I’m stoked for these songs finally seeing the light of day. In a way Scarecrow led me directly into joining Death Angel and now everything has come full circle. I hope you enjoy this EP and there’s certainly more to come…

The EP's a ripper, as you can hear for yourself below. Stay tuned for whatever it is that Will is promising comes next.

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