Rated X "In clubland, Scenic is re-emerging with a carnival theme and is now called Club Midway. After a nearly two-month break for renovations to both its interior and its programming, the space will relaunch the scandalous party Rated X, thrown by Michael T and Theo, intact, starting May 6. The duo decided to stay with the venue after dealing directly with owners Oliver and Kenai Sehgal. Michael T says he asked the two brothers whether or not they were comfortable with the gay and risqué nature of their party: 'We brought it up briefly the very first time we met with them in late Febuary, and they were more concerned with the sexual antics than anything gay or straight per se. We really haven't felt it was a homophobic issue,' he says. 'We've certainly told them many times, we don't plan on changing our party.' The club's booking agent, J.C. Scruggs, says Midway will be focusing on 'up-and-coming indie, mostly local bands, but we hope to snag the occasional national act,' and that Rated X is their only weekly dance party thus far." [This and more in Tricia Romano's column]

Rated G photo from 'Rated X' swiped from Ambrel's rated X pictures of Rated X.

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