Apparently things go downhill for any dance club located at 54 N 11th St in Williamsburg. After the club Verboten went under and the space was put up for auction, Eddie Dean, owner of the now-closed Pacha, bought it and opened Schimanski earlier this month. Now, one of Schimanski's talent bookers, Thomas Dunkley, has resigned from the club after receiving backlash for defending Donald Trump in a Facebook post. He said that "A lot of the hate for Trump is caused by misrepresentation by the media," and that "almost every media publication has been purposely lying about him in the worst way," including regarding his "rape charges and sexual harassment stories." His post was deleted, but @DanceBitchBK tweeted a screenshot:

A number of DJs, including Umfang and The Long Count Cycle, cancelled shows in the wake of Dunkley's Facebook post. He has since apologized but ultimately still decided to resign.

Schimanski director and head talent buyer Andrew Inomata told Resident Advisor: "Due to recent circumstances, Tom Dunkley has voluntarily resigned as a member of the talent buying team because he was no longer able to perform the job he was hired to do," in an email statement. "We have since resolved any booking conflicts, and we are working on a makeup event with all talent who had canceled their gigs."

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