Schoolboy Q is working on a new album, having shared a new song called "Groovy Tony" back in April and teasing the thing on social media and elsewhere. Now he's shared a new video for his more recent Kanye West-featuring single, "THat Part," along with some more details about the as-yet-untitled new album.

The video is a color-coded acid trip that takes place on a schoolbus and in some empty houses. Kanye drops two verses that find him firmly in punchline mode, at one point calling Kim Kardashian "the female OJ," which is, you know, something he would do. All in all, solid banger of a song, good video, the whole thing seems promising.

Oh and the other thing about the video is it closes with a phone number on the screen, which comes right after Kanye quotes Kendrick Lamar's awesome "get Top on the phone!" line from Untitled Unmastered. The number sends you to a voice mailbox that says "Hello, Billy, it’s Top Dawg. Leave a message, I might call you back." So it would appear you can in fact get Top on the phone. What a world!

Schoolboy Q is playing Panorama and ACL Fest in the coming months. The new album drops on July 8.

Check out that video (and one for Q's "Groovy Tony") below.