The Wind of Change podcast, about the Scorpions' 1990 hit of the same name and the rumors that the song was written by the CIA, is being adapted into a scripted television series for Hulu. According to Deadline, adapting the podcast will be Alex Karpovsky who you may know as Ray from HBO's Girls and who also starred in Amazon's Homecoming which was also based on a podcast.

Created by New York investigative journalist Patrick Radden Keefe, the Wind of Change podcast premiered in May of this year and was based on a rumor told to him by CIA sources. Here's the official synopsis: "It’s 1990. The Berlin Wall just fell. The Soviet Union is on the verge of collapse. And the soundtrack to the revolution is one of the best selling songs of all time, the metal ballad 'Wind of Change,' by the Scorpions. Decades later, journalist Patrick Radden Keefe heard a rumor: the song wasn’t written by the Scorpions. It was written by the CIA. This is his journey to find the truth."

The show is clearly in its early stages, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can listen to the first episode of the podcast, and watch the video for Scorpions' "The Winds of Change," below.