Hardcore lifer Scott Vogel stays incredibly busy. This year brought the highly acclaimed new Terror album Pain Into Power, more Buried Alive reunion shows, the re-recorded Cinderblock demo, and other stuff from Scott in between, and now he's shared with us his list of his favorite music of 2022. It includes new records from Mindforce, End It, Spy, Boldy James, Exhibition, Westside Gunn, and more, as well as a couple archival releases and a live show. Scott also provided some commentary on each pick. Here's what he had to say:

Scott Vogel's Top 10 of 2022

1. Mindforce - New Lords - Great riffs. Great people. Great live show. A band to believe in.

2. End It - Unpleasant Living - Pretty unique style that is powerful and almost a touch fun at times. Lyrics on point.

3. Spy - split with Maniac - Super hard hitter hc that I can’t wait to hear more of. One of my favorite new bands.

4. Boldy James - Mr. Ten08 - Boldy is a real deal MC. Check him out if you don’t know his stuff

5. Exhibition - Promo 2022 - Very much looking forward to their LP on Triple B next year. This teaser is great.

6. Violent Way - Bow to None - Buffalo always on top.

7. Rival Schools - some EP - I think this is some old b sides and shit finally seeing the light of day - Walter is god. [Editor's note: it's part of the expanded 'United by Fate' reissue.]

8. Westside Gunn - 10 - Griselda mastermind always elevating and delivering top notch hip hop.

9. Lincoln - Repair and Reward - Thank you whoever made this see the light of day. So fucking good.

10. Sunny Day Real Estate - Seeing them live in Cleveland - bucket list checked off.


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