Glasgow's The Orchids have been making heartfelt, jangly indiepop for more than three decades, releasing records most famously on the legendary indie label Sarah Records. It's been a while since they've released an album -- eight years, specifically -- but their seventh long-player, Dreaming Kind, is due out September 2 via Skep Wax (the label run by Amelia Fletcher and David Pursey of Heavenly/The Catenary Wires).

The first single from Dreaming Kind is "This Boy Is A Mess," the kind of suave, sophisticated and swooning track, full of jazzy chords and lush harmonies, that The Orchids have always done so well. You can listen to that below.

attachment-the orchids - dreaming kind

Dreaming Kind:
1. Didn't We Love You?
2. Limitless#1 (Joy)
3. What Have I Got To Do?
4. This Boy Is A Mess
5. I Never Thought I Was Clever
6. Echos
7. Isn't It Easy
8. Something Missing
9. I Should Have Thought
10. I Don't Mean To Stare
11. A Feeling I Don't Know
12. I Want You I Need You
13. Limitless#2 (Hurt)

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