Providence, Rhode Island's Catalyst and Denton, Texas' Party Hats are two screamo bands with very good releases out this year, and they're also on tour together right now and playing NYC tonight (3/24) at Trans-Pecos with locals Pons, Pique, and Venus Twins. After that, the tour hits Long Branch, NJ on Saturday (3/25) and West Philly on Sunday (3/26). All dates on the tour poster below.

Catalyst recently dropped an EP titled ..., and it's got six songs that hearken back to raw '90s screamo, plus a couple that work in kind of a Title Fight vibe, both their driving punk side ("little strings") and their bendy, shoegazy side ("when it's all said and done i'll be gone"). Meanwhile, Party Hats' new Autobiographic Autopsy injects classic screamo with mathy Midwest emo riffs, and on "AA" the Texas band even gives a little taste of their home state's country music. Both EPs are very worth checking out and you can stream them below.

Party Hats Catalyst

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