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Sean Penn & Dennis Kucinich introducing Ringworm
Sean Penn & Dennis Kucinich

I am convinced that Sean Penn is everywhere: Alaska to shoot an amazing film, Iran, New Orleans during Katrina, Venezuela to meet Hugo Chavez, Cleveland with Dennis Kucinich to see Ringworm... wait, what? Next up, Susan Sarandon will visit Dwid Hellion (Integrity) to check up on his new project with Jacob Bannon (Converge).

catch the Ringworm show when it is rebroadcast.
the Ringworm show in question

Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild (the amazing film)

This is the music video for Sean Penn's INTO THE WILD. The movie is about 22-year old Chris McCandles who decides to give up everything and travel across the country and onto Alaska.

Ringworm - 2008 Tour Dates
Mar 28 - THE SOUND LAB Mokena, Illinois
Mar 29 - Club 1123 Evansville, Indiana

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