"It had been a good long time since I had done any solo work," Jason Loewenstein tell us. "The reception of my tunes on the last Sebadoh record were so positive, it just got my juices flowing. Confronted with a long break from Sebadoh plans, I got to work in my studio." Which leads us to Jason's new solo album, Spooky Action, which is his first solo album in 15 years and will be out June 16 via Joyful Noise. That's the cover art above and we've got the premiere of new single "Superstitious," which Jason says "is just a rock and roll meditation on the depths of bargaining we do with ourselves to keep our sanity in an insane universe...With loud guitars and drums!!!" So turn it up, dude -- listen below.

Preorder Spooky Action now and check out the tracklist below.

Spooky Action - TRACKLISTING
01. Intro
02. The One
03. Navigate
04. Machinery
05. Correction
06. Dead
07. Sunset One
08. New Rocker
09. Superstitious
10. The Fuck Out
11. Hey Hey
12. Fall Into a Line
13. Light The Room

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