As mentioned, Second Arrows -- the new-ish NY/NJ band of Deadguy guitarist/backing vocalist Chris "Crispy" Corvino on lead vocals, former Every Time I Die bassist Chris Byrnes on guitar, Ensign's Dan Brennan on guitar, The Banner's Pete August on bass, and Nora's Chris Ross on drums -- will release their self-titled debut album (produced and recorded by late-period Dillinger Escape Plan member Kevin Antreassian) on June 26 via Hellminded Records, and the first single is streaming now. It's called "Galactic" and it's a hardcore/metalcore ripper that fits right in with these members' other bands without sounding like a rehash of music they've released before.

Guitarist Dan Brennan tells Lambgoat, "Sonically and lyrically, 'Galactic' covers all of the ground that we as a band want to cover - driving, spacey, frenetic, and back again. I don't think there's a single track on the LP that fits neatly into a box and so one thing that was important to us when putting the record together was nailing the sequence just right, but 'Galactic' as the lead track was never really in question because it so strongly captures who we are and what we do."

Listen below and pre-order here.

1. Galactic
2. Spindles
3. Our Grendel
4. Moustacheo
5. Thornes
6. Floyd Rush
7. One Tonne Temple Bell
8. Jitters

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