Second Arrows is a new-ish NY/NJ band with some very familiar faces: Deadguy guitarist/backing vocalist Chris "Crispy" Corvino on lead vocals, former Every Time I Die bassist Chris Byrnes on guitar, Ensign's Dan Brennan on guitar, The Banner's Pete August on bass, and Nora's Chris Ross on drums. They released the two-song demo of "One Tonne Temple Bell" and "Jitters" back in 2017, and now they announced their self-titled debut album, due June 26 via Hellminded Records. It was produced and recorded by late-period Dillinger Escape Plan member Kevin Antreassian (who's also worked with The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Trophy Scars, and more), and it includes re-recordings of the two songs on the demo, plus "Galactic," which you can hear a clip of in the album trailer now.

Going by what they've released so far, the band's hardcore and metalcore roots are present, but they aren't just sticking to those genres. They say the album also includes "experimental elements of indie and stoner rock" and that it touches on "the opposite ends of every spectrum: lush and abrasive, whispered and guttural, linear and meandering." Check out the demo, album trailer, artwork, and tracklist below, and stay tuned for more.

In related news, Deadguy have an upcoming documentary and reunion plans, Deadguy vocalist Tim Singer recently released new music with his even older band No Escape and his much newer band Bitter Branches, and some previously unseen '90s Deadguy footage was recently unearthed.

1. Galactic
2. Spindles
3. Grendel
4. Moustacheo
5. Thornes
6. Floyd Rush
7. One Tonne Temple Bell
8. Jitters