Secret Machines are back, and will release fourth album Awake In The Brain Chamber on August 21. It's their first album since 2008's Secret Machines and it features frontman Brandon Curtis, drummer Josh Garza and a few songs that feature Brandon's brother, Benjamin, who died in 2013. Here's Brandon Curtis on their return:

This album has been through many versions and incarnations. I began writing these songs soon after we decided to shelve ‘The Moth’ record. I remember feeling alone and lost, and I think the songs have that in their dna. I started sharing some of the early versions with Benjamin who gave me notes as well as encouragement. I am sure that without his influence these songs would never have seen the light of day. I continued to produce and develop the tracks, ultimately recording some demos in and around 2011 - 12. My brother was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2013. While he was receiving chemotherapy he helped oversee and co-produce the initial mix of the songs. I can still hear his voice offering recommendations and insight into the way the songs should be presented. After his death, I continued to pursue the project, playing a couple of shows under the Cosmicide moniker. As it happens one of these shows was attended by Josh who agreed to join Cosmicide onstage to perform a Secret Machines song. I suppose it was then that the idea had its genesis - reworking the tracks with Josh to make a Secret Machines album. As we began to go through the songs Josh and I were careful to retain whatever influence Benjamin had on the songs as a sort of living tribute to him. His fingerprints are all over the songs and I know that Josh and I both feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to work with him again, albeit posthumously.

The first single from the album is "Talos’ Corpse," a moody, midtempo number that definitely has that Secret Machines sweep. You can listen to that, and check out Awake in the Brain Chamber's artwork and tracklist, below.

secret machines awake in the brain chamber

01. 3,4,5, Let’s Stay Alive
02. Dreaming is Alright
03. Talos’ Corpse
04. Everything’s Under
05. Everything Starts
06. Angel Come
07. A New Disaster
08. So Far Down

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