Word for Word from U2log:

"U2log.com was lucky enough to be invited to the K-Rock listening party, which was held at Sony Studios at 54th and 10th in New York City this evening. We will have a full report with some photos of the band taken outside Sony Studios soon.

At the conclusion of the listening party, a member of U2’s management team pulled us aside and asked us to tell everyone whom we know (that’s you!) to be at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park at 3 pm tomorrow (Nov. 22) for a 30-minute concert by U2.

You have your official orders! Be there or miss something very special.

There will be no concert at Washington Square Park. It was the original location for the event, but on review they decided the area was too busy and not large enough to house the number of people expected at the show.

One final piece of great, official news is tickets are not required for this event."