The fast-rising LA hardcore band Section H8 are gearing up to release their Taylor Young-recorded/mixed debut LP Welcome To The Nightmare on 7/30 via Flatspot Records, and on the album's just-released second single "Streetsweeper," they get an assist from a California punk veteran: Tim Armstrong.

"Streetsweeper" starts out in typically whiplash-inducing Section H8 territory, with vocalist Mexi's venomous bark leading the way, and then guitar cuts out, Tim Armstrong lets out a "let's gooooo" and it goes into some of the most hardcore-inspired Tim Armstrong yelling since the Rancid 2000 album. Tim's presence makes the song a standout, but Section H8 really do all their own heavy lifting. After Tim cuts out, Section H8 slow things down to half speed, and you can just picture a parking lot full of moshers going nuts to it.

"Section H8 are an incredible new band. I love them!," Tim said. "When they asked me to collaborate on their new record I didn’t hesitate. Yes! At times, they harken back to the rawness of 1980s Agnostic Front Cause For Alarm era hardcore, while at the same time documenting what’s around them in 2021."

Mexi adds, "It was an honor & a privilege to work on 'Streetsweepe' with Tim Armstrong, who’s both a friend and a huge inspiration to this band and to myself as a lyricist."

Listen to the new song below. We've also got some Rancid vinyl on sale in our store.

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