Sesame Street has partnered with Warner Brothers to relaunch Sesame Street Records in 2019, Rolling Stone reports. In addition to releasing new albums and songs from the series, the label's deep catalogue of records are now on streaming platforms and available for download, and they say they'll put out some never-before-heard tracks from their archive, too. This marks the first time some of these records have been officially available for over 20 years. (Sesame Street Records launched in 1974 and was active through 1984, though there were Sesame Street albums before and have been many since.) "Music has always been a vital way for audiences to connect with Sesame Street as we work toward our mission of helping kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder," Sesame Workshop chief Steve Youngwood told Rolling Stone. "In Arts Music, we’ve found a passionate and forward-thinking partner who understands what our timeless songs mean to generations of families."

Check out a few classic LPs from Sesame Street Records' archives, including Born to Add and the great My Name is Roosevelt Franklin, below.

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