Shabaka Hutchings is one of the most influential and consistently great musicians in the current UK jazz renaissance and one of the most prolific too, as the leader of Sons Of Kemet, The Comet Is Coming, and Shabaka and The Ancestors. Now he's got a new solo project under the name Shabaka, and his debut eight-song EP Afrikan Culture comes out May 20 via Impulse! Records. He co-produced the EP with Dilip Harris, and he says:

Afrikan Culture was made around the idea of meditation and what it means for me to still my own mind and accept the music which comes to the surface. It features various types of Shakuhachi flutes and a new technique of creating that I’ve been experimenting with in layering many flutes together to create a forest of sound where melodies and rhythms float in space and emerge in glimpses.

The first taste is the drifting, stirring, wind instrument-heavy "Black meditation," and you can hear that below...

1. Black meditation
2. Call it a European paradox
3. Ital is vital
4. Memories don’t live like people do
5. Ritual awakening
6. Explore inner space
7. The dimension of subtle awareness
8. Rebirth

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