Shabazz Palaces have announced the followup to their two 2017 albums, Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star and Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines. It's called The Don of Diamond Dreams and it comes out April 17 via Sub Pop (pre-order). Guests include Purple Tape Nate and Stas THEE Boss, and the album features contributions from singer/keyboardist Darrius Willrich, percussionist Carlos Niño, Knife Knights collaborator OCnotes, saxophonist Carlos Overall, and bassist Evan Flory-Barnes. It was mixed and engineered by Erik Blood with mixing assistance from Andy Kravitz.

The first single is "Fast Learner" ft. Purple Tape Nate, a dose of plodding, hazy jazz-rap that's as psychedelic and abstract as you'd expect from Shabazz Palaces. Listen below.

1. Portal North: Panthera
2. Ad Ventures
3. Fast Learner (ft. Purple Tape Nate)
4. Wet
5. Chocolate Souffle
6. Portal South: Micah
7. Bad Bitch Walking (ft. Stas THEE Boss)
8. Money Yoga (ft. Darrius)
9. Thanking The Girls
10. Reg Walks By The Looking Glass (ft. Carlos Overall)