Shadow Woods Metal Fest will be happening for its third year at Camp Hidden Valley in White Hall, Maryland from September 14 - 17. The full lineup of the 39 bands have been announced, and they range in genre from dark folk to black metal to hardcore and everything in between. The festival will also feature special all-acoustic sets on the first day.

The lineup includes Vastum, Uada, Panopticon, Withered, Woe, Castle and many more. Full lineup (with genres via the press release) below.

Tickets for the weekend are on sale now. You can event rent beds in cabins for $20 a night, if camping in tents isn't your thing. Check out a promotional video for the fest below.

Woe just released a great new album last week and they play NYC with Inter Arma this Saturday (3/26).

Aerial Ruin - Portland, OR (Ritual folk)
All Hell - Asheville, NC (Crusty black metal)
Amigo the Devil - Spicewood, TX (Dark folk) **
Bearstorm - Richmond, VA (Blackened southern death-prog)
Black Table - NY/NJ (Progressive black metal)
Castle - San Francisco, CA (Heavy doom metal)
Churchburn - Pawtucket, RI (Blackened sludge) **
Cut the Architect's Hand - Richmond, VA (Death metal)
Dark Water Transit - Baltimore, MD (Instrumental heavy rock)
Dead in the Manger - coast to coast - (Blackened grind) **
Dee Calhoun - Frederick, MD (Acoustic; vocalist of Iron Man)
Earthling - Richmond, VA (Thrash metal)
Elagabalus - Baltimore, MD (Experimental metal 2-piece)
Erlkonig - Baltimore, MD (Blackened death metal)
Fiakra - Freehold, NJ (LARPower metal)
Foehammer - Annandale, VA (Sludge)
Green Elder/Paul Ravenwood - Johnson City, TN - (Nature folk)
Heavy Temple - Philadelphia, PA (Psychedelic-doomed rock)
Hexis - Copenhagen, Denmark (Hardcore/black metal)
Human Bodies - Boston, MA (Crusty blackened hardcore)
Immaculate Deception - Baltimore, MD (Death metal)
Infera Bruo - Boston, MA (Black metal)
Kyoty - Dover, NH - (Instrumental post metal)
Mome - Portland, ME (Power psych rock)
Nechochwen unplugged - Wheeling, WV (Appalachian acoustic folk metal) **
Night Raids - Philadelphia, PA (Thrash/grind)
Panopticon - KY/MN (Black folk metal) **
Percussor - PA/DE (Old school death metal)
Seasick Gladiator - Washington, DC (Experimental doom prog)
Sloth Herder - PA/VA/MD (Sludge grind)
Take to the Woods/Jo Cosgrove - Baltimore, MD (Dark folk)
The Owls Are Not What They Seem - York, PA (Ritual noise)
Toke - Cape Fear, NC (Stoner doom)
Uada - Portland, OR (Black metal) **
Vastum - San Francisco, CA (Death metal) **
Withered -Atlanta, GA (Black/death metal) **
Woe - Brooklyn, NY (Black metal) **
Worthless- NY/NJ (Black metal) **
ZUD - Portland, ME (Black and blues metal)


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