Led by Bryan Olson and Charles Glade, Charlotte, NC's Shadowgraphs make baroque psych, taking late '60s acts like Pink Floyd (the Syd years), The Zombies and 13th Floor Elevators as a starting point and putting their own spin on things. After a couple EPs, Shadowgraphs will release their debut album, Venomous Blossoms, this week and it's a real treat. Olson and Glade are very talented musicians, songwriters and arrangers, and it really shows here, with the record being evocative of the '60s without specifically cribbing from any particular artist. Groovy bass lines abound, as do vibraphones, eight-mile-high harmonies, and nods to tropicalia and krautrock. (If you like Stereolab and Dungen, it's not miles away.) At its core, though, Venomous Blossoms is a killer pop album, never losing sight of the hook. A full stream of the album premieres in this post -- listen below.

Order your copy of Venomous Blossoms here. Shadowgraphs are on tour in April but unfortunately the Northeast is not on their itinerary. Hopefully they'll head our way soon. All tour dates are listed below.

Shadowgraphs - 2017 Tour Dates
4/7 - Charlotte - Snug Harbor
4/28 - Charlotte - Petras
6/1 - Charleston - The Royal American
6/4 - Nashville - The 5 Spot
6/6 - Memphis - Hi Tone
6/11 - Dallas - Crown and Harp
6/14 - Phoenix - Rebel Lounge
6/19 - Oakland - The Night Light