UK band Shame will release their second album, Drunk Tank Pink, on January 15 on Dead Oceans. The title refers to the room where frontman Charlie Steen wrote much of the album's lyrics -- a room painted the shade of pink used to help chill out drunk tank inmates. Steen says that the forced comedown that the pandemic brought, following years being on the road promoting their debut album, was prime inspiration. “You become very aware of yourself and when all of the music stops, you’re left with the silence,” reflects Steen. “And that silence is a lot of what this record is about.”

Guitarist Sean Coyle-Smith, meanwhile, found inspiration in looking at his instrument differently. “For this album I was so bored of playing guitar,” he says. "The thought of even playing it was mind-numbing. So I started to write and experiment in all these alternative tunings and not write or play in a conventional ‘rock’ way.” Producer James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Foals) helped them expand their sound.

The album contains this year's single "Alphabet" and and the new single is the jagged but very catchy "Water In The Well," and you can check out the video below.


shame - drunk tank pink

Drunk Tank Pink tracklist:
1. Alphabet
2. Nigel Hitter
3. Born in Luton
4. March Day
5. Water in the Well
6. Snow Day
7. Human, for a Minute
8. Great Dog
9. 6/1
10. Harsh Degrees
11. Station Wagon

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