Genre-defying Philadelphia-based indie artist Shamir announced a new album, due out on October 2. It's self-titled, and about that naming decision, Shamir says, "I felt like it didn’t need a name, cuz it’s the record that’s most me." Shamir will be his second release of 2020, following March's Cataclysm.

Shamir also unveiled the record's second single, "I Wonder," a follow-up to first single "On My Own." The track finds Shamir self-analyzing, pondering on growth and relationships, and questioning the process of breaking out of one's cocoon. As he describes, "['I Wonder'] is about the feeling of love taking over your heart, even when you don't want it to. It also alludes to climate change and how humans (‘love’) can be the most toxic thing to the planet (‘the heart’), but also the only thing that can fix it."

In the self-directed music video for the rock-influenced track, Shamir takes center stage, three different versions of himself joining in on the song's hypnotic sway. You can watch below.

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