Baltimore metalcore band Sharptooth released their sophomore album Transitional Forms on Pure Noise earlier this year, and not only is it a major leap forward from their already-great 2017 debut LP Clever Girl, it's also one of the best albums of its kind released this year. It's a crushing, aggressive record but melodic at times too, and -- in vocalist Lauren Kashan's words -- it tells the "story of my personal struggle with the societal, interpersonal, and internal constructs that have left me feeling small, afraid, broken, and utterly hopeless." (It also features guest vocals from Anti-Flag's Justin Sane.)

As the year comes to a close, we asked Sharptooth what their favorite albums of 2020 were, and all five members made us a collective top 10 with two picks by each member. It's a diverse list, with everything from post-metallers Sólstafir to electro-popsters Purity Ring to "'WAP' burned twelve times onto a CD-R from Best Buy," and Sharptooth also provided commentary on each pick. Read on for what they had to say...


Lance Donati (guitar):

Vagina Witchcraft - Vagina Witchcraft
A newer band that's very promising to me, they infuse so many styles and twist their own thing into it. I’m super stoked on them and their future.

Worn Thin - Name Yourself
This band is so sick, they take what you know about hardcore and flip it upside down and inside out. Which is something hardcore needs right now, super refreshing.

Keet Higgins (guitar):

Sólstafir - Endless Twilight of Codependent Love
I’m perpetually waiting for this band's next record and they never disappoint. Hard to write a review because it JUST came out and I haven't had a chance to a sit with it yet.

This Will Destroy You - Vespertine
Hi I like post-rock.

Peter Bruno (bass):

Poppy - I Disagree
Beyond just the novelty of blending genres in new and exciting ways, songs like “Sick of the Sun,” “Don’t Go Outside,” and “Nothing I Need” are some of the best songs I’ve heard in years.

Run The Jewels - RTJ4
From front to back, this record covers the full affective spectrum, simultaneously fun and life-giving but also incredibly moving.

Matt Hague (drums):

Purity Ring - WOMB
Purity Ring made me wait 5 years for a new album and I’ve listened to it almost every day since it dropped in April.

Loathe - I Let It In and It Took Everything
Loathe is the most exciting heavy band that I’ve heard in a very long time. I hope they make 200 more albums.

Lauren Kashan (vocals):

Kesha - High Road
Basically, Kesha wrote an incredibly intense, emotional and fucking hilarious album about living her truth, and telling all her haters to eat a dick, and that’s really all I’ve ever needed in life.

"WAP" burned twelve times onto a CD-R from Best Buy
This one fucking song is a better album than 95% of anything I’ve ever heard, and I’m a huge fan of anything related to Black women kicking ass and taking names, sex and kink positivity, and insanely clever and funny lyrics. Plus, ANYTHING that makes weak, sexist, insecure men as BIG MAD as this song did is literally my kink.

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