Bushwick DIY venue Shea Stadium had a show shut down by cops last month, and then the venue closed temporarily to "restructure and plan for the future." Many of the shows they had booked were moved to other venues.

Good news though. The venue quietly re-opened last night (2/13) with a show that had Cut_Scenes, Double Tap, Kris Keyser, and Flow Mein. It was also revealed that, while the venue was closed, they did some re-decorating (see above). Looks like Shea Stadium is now home to The Marlins.

Here's some video and a couple photos from last night's show:

There's a Valentine's Day poetry/lyrics/essay reading there tonight (2/14), the second annual TFW: Catching Feels, with readers Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, Paula Mejia, Patti Harrison, Molly Long, Muna Mire, and Alain Ginsberg; and music by Laetitia Tamko (aka Vagabon).

On Wednesday (2/15), there's a show with Wolf Diamond, The Rizzos, Lunch Ladies, and Psychic Selves.

Other upcoming shows remain at the venues they were moved to, like the PWR BTTM show at Knitting Factory this Saturday (2/18) and the Chris Farren/Katie Ellen/Timeshares show at Saint Vitus on March 22.

Check out Shea's calendar here and stay tuned for more.

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