Montreal's Sheer Agony are hopping across the Canadian Border this weekend for a couple East Coast shows. They'll play NYC's Cake Shop on Saturday, April 16 with Philadelphia's Literature, plus Home Lives, Ratbath, and DJ Paul Bruno spinning between sets. On Sunday (4/17) they'll play Philly's Ortliebs with Louie Louie and Beat Jams. Tickets for both shows are on sale and flyers are below.

Sheer Agony's Masterpiece remains of my favorite records of 2015, mixing a vault's worth of guitar pop history into one smart, sharp 35-minute LP. If you haven't checked it out yet you can stream it, along with their two previous (and just as excellent) EPs, below. They are terrific live, so don't miss these chances to see them.


sheer agony flyer

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