Philly's Sheer Mag brought their tour to Los Angeles' Hi Hat on Tuesday night (10/3) for their first of two shows in the city (they played the Echo last night). Appleton, WI punks Tenement were there in support, and the two bands made for a great pairing, both cutting their punk with heavy doses of classic-rock melody and guitar histrionics.

Local support was provided by the hardcore outfit Futura, who played things quick, furious and to-the-point for their 15-minute set. They were pretty heavy, and they warmed the crowd up nicely for Tenement.

Tenement frontman Amos Pitsch is a great performer, and the airtight rhythm section is built to support his extremely engaging meanderings onstage. He shreds solos and howls his choruses like a rock god from years past, but their simple, direct, sometimes jammy songs are all low-key, feel-good fun. Tenement have been around for over ten years now, and their live show is the work of practiced showmen. They've also been so prolific over the years that they have a great well of music to draw from, songs that run the gamut from hardcore yelp to their particularly laconic brand of garage-rock torch song. They even dipped into Oh Sees-style psychedelia at one point, generally captivating the crowd for their tight, fun set.

By the time Sheer Mag took the stage the place was packed, and they delivered a great set. For a band that hasn't been around too long, they already have so many bangers. Pulling songs from their new album Need To Feel Your Love, as well as their stellar first three EPs, they ripped up the stage with classic rock flair and hardcore energy, not to mention enough riffs to last until the end of time. They have three guitarists but get a remarkably clear sound out of them, never sounding muddled. And singer Tina Halladay is just unbelievably sick, bringing these songs to another level live. She has amazing range, her scream evoking rage, righteous indignation or sadness whenever she needs it to. They're a powerful, fun band with songs that can't help but get the crowd going. It was a great show.

Sheer Mag will be in NYC later this month, playing Villain on October 21 with support from Hank Wood and the Hammerheads and Haram. Tickets are on sale now.

Check out some more photos from the show below.

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