Philly classic-rock revivalists Sheer Mag have released their new EP III today, and it picks up right where the last EP left off. This is a band that works on basically every level. The unapologetic fire-breathing of the classic-rock guitars, the righteous wail of singer Tina Halladay, the prizing of groove above all else -- it's all married to incredibly tight songcraft. "Can't Stop Fighting" has a riff that will lodge itself in your brain for the next week, "Worth the Tears" is as close as they get to a ballad, tinges of soul coming through the crunchy exterior, and standout "Nobody's Baby" is the best song Thin Lizzy never wrote: a fierce, punchy mission statement with a sing-along chorus and a shoulder-shaking groove. The whole EP is great, and you can stream it below, along with the new video for "Nobody's Baby."

Sheer Mag are touring this spring. You can catch them in the NYC-area when they play NJ at Monty Hall on May 5 and NYC at Market Hotel on May 6. Tickets for both shows are on sale now.


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