Shellac describes themselves as a minimalist rock trio. What initially inspired this musical approach following what you did as part of Big Black?

SA: We are committed to a small set of core ideas, among them self-sufficiency, support of an independent community of musicians and minimalism. We are interested in seeing what we can wring out of the basic elements of our band, three people, three instruments and the time to use them. Given the range of sound and expression possible with each instrument, it should take the rest of our lives to exhaust the possibilities. - [Motif]

Steve Albini's band Shellac are currently in NYC as part of their East Coast tour, having played the first of their two sold-out shows at The Bell House last night (10/23). Did you go? Right before the Brooklyn shows, Shellac played Pawtucket, RI's The Met with tourmate Shannon Wright and Minibeast and we've got pictures from that show in the gallery above and there are a few Instagrams from Sunday's Bell House show below.

In the Motif interview quoted above, Albini also says Shellac are working a new record, "as always at a glacial pace," adding there will be a European tour in 2017, still to be announced. "I’ll be working making records the rest of the time. Not much else to report. No cancer. No jail. Still got my teeth."


photos by Ben Stas