Krishnacore veterans Shelter recently unearthed the never-before-released song "Why Can't I Just Get Through to You" from the upcoming When 20 Summers Pass reissue (due New Year's Eve via End Hits Records), and now they've unearthed another one, "Yes I Can." Shelter wrote in their Instagram stories that the song was originally written for 1997's Beyond Planet Earth and then recorded for 20 Summers but was only available as a bonus track in Europe and Japan. This is its first worldwide release.

"Why Can't I Just Get Through to You" is cut from the slower melodic post-hardcore cloth that was coming to prominence in the early 2000s, but "Yes I Can" is a ripper that hearkens back to Ray Cappo and Porcell's Youth of Today days. It's a great song and it's a treat that it's finally being released after 20 years. Check it out:

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