Fuss is a new band fronted by Shinobu's Bob Vielma that also features Joyce Manor's Chase Knobbe on guitar and drummer Nick Aguilar (Slaughterhouse, Mike Watt, Neighborhood Brats). Their debut album We're Not Alone was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Rosenstock, who also contributed vocals and horns to it, and other guests include Sean Bonnette (AJJ), Kate Feldmann (Belly Belt), and more.

The first single is "Teriyaki Dinner (Grown Ass Man pt. II)," a catchy, breezy dose of indie-punk that should appeal to fans of Fuss' related bands. "It's about that period of being like, 25 to 35, where I feel like it's not the idea you're sold when you're younger, that you're fully grown up by that point," Bob says. "I feel like you're still kind of young and dumb and figuring it out. And so a lot of those moments are kind of like moments of love and solidarity and growth." Listen below.

We're Not Alone comes out January 14 via Phat 'n' Phunky and Lost Sound Tapes.

Pillow Talk (Cool Like Pingu)
But It's A Dry Heat
Western Wear
Teriyaki Dinner
Pixelated Tumbleweed
I Want To Believe
We're Not Alone
Turn My Brain Off

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