Short Fictions members recently debuted a stoner metal side project on 4/20, but now they're getting back to their main business with the announcement of their anticipated followup to their 2019 breakthrough album Fates Worse Than Death, Every Moment of Every Day. It comes out June 24 via Lauren Records (pre-order) and features recent single "Don't Start A Band," as well as the just-released "Heather." Like the previous single, "Heather" finds Short Fictions going in a cleaner, more power pop-inspired direction compared to the knotty emo of Fates Worse Than Death, and vocalist Sam Treber says that's indicative of the rest of the record too.

"Every Moment of Every Day showcases a catchier, more polished side of Short Fictions," Sam tells us. "The album still, however, manages to expand on themes from 2019’s Fates Worse Than Death: love, socialism, and fear of oblivion. Musically a listener can still expect shreddy guitars, poppy hooks, and moments of ambience throughout the album. I think we found a way to keep it fresh without any unwelcome deviation from our signature sound. We chose 'Heather' as the lead single simply because it’s a really fun song that encapsulates a lot of the elements that color the new directions that this album takes. We hope you like it as much as we do!"

Listen and watch the lyric video below...

You Will Never Be the Best at Anything You Try (Surely Not)
Don't Start a Band
Forever Endeavor
The Great Unwashed
To Leave Forever or Die Alone in South Oakland
Crushed Cigarettes (a Herculean Effort for Naught)
Don’t Pinch Me I’m Dreaming

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