by BBG

Surprise! After a few CDs made their way into record stores accidentally (I am told) Twilight, the Blake Judd/Wrest project that now features N. Imperial (Kreig), Aaron Turner (Isis), Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth) and Sanford Parker (Minsk) is out NOW on CD via Southern Lord! The record was engineered by Sanford Parker, who also contributed synths, and features eight tracks with Robert Lowe (Lichens) contributing vocals to three of them. No official word on a release date for the LP, but get out and order a copy... I think I may enjoy it more than the new Nachtmystium. Speaking of the new Nachtmystium, Stereogum recently premiered the keyboard heavy "No Funeral" from the forthcoming Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II. Dig on that above.

Call me obsessed, but the new Black Breath, Heavy Breathing, is on serious rotation lately- much like their previous EP Razors To Oblivion was last year. The new LP has Kurt Ballou's dirty little fingers all over it, bringing their rich early Swedish death metal meets hardcore sound to life, as exhibited in "Children of The Horn" available above. Get Heavy Breathing now via Southern Lord. Black Breath will open the BV/1000 Knives/AEG Live Converge extravaganza at Santos Party House on 5/6 along with Touche Amore and Lewd Acts. Make sure and get their early (their live show is worth it), and get your tickets in advance (it WILL sell out). Seriously brutal and fun stuff... you gotta love a band that screams "reject Christ, spit on the cross" at the top of their lungs. Or am I alone on that one?

Though it only lasts two tracks (but conversely- 35 minutes), the new EP from Altar of Plagues, Tides, is every bit as powerful as White Tomb, one of my favorite LPs of last year. AoP's new Tides EP is currently up for pre-order via Burning World Records (cop it), but until that package arrives, make sure and dig on "Atlantic Lights" from the EP (50% of the record!) , which makes it's world premiere here!

An LP from last year that was just too good to be free was Celeste's Misanthrope(s). With a potent mix of black metal, furious hardcore, and even melody, it was a seriously underrated record that deserved much more attention than it got. Even though Misanthrope(s) is barely in the rear view, the band has released their new LP, Morte Nee(s) for FREE download (get it above). Make sure and order a copy of the LP for yourself via Denovali as well though, it's one to keep for posterity.

Richmond's Inter Arma totally floored me at The Charleston with their furious mix of black metal, southern stoner style and Neurosis-style imperial riffage. Besides being a jawdropping live band, Inter Arma has also put together a pretty memorable record as well in the form of Sundown, out soon on Forcefield Records. Featuring members of another great Richmond band, Bastard Sapling, check out the band when they hit the road in July, but until then, check out Sundown!

A darkness has settled over the land... details on Watain's new album have been revealed! Entitled Lawless Darkness, the effort was recorded at Necromorbus Studio (Deathspell Omega, Funeral Mist, Ondskapt, Nominon, Unanimated et al) in Alvik, Sweden, and is due on June 7 with the below cover art and the tracklisting as listed down below. The release follows their picture disc EP Reaping Death which quickly disappeared, though the CD single is currently available.

That Watain cover, plus news on Blood Revolt (Primordial + Revenge), Loss, Man Is The Bastard, Hail of Bullets, Woe, a new Inquisition LP, and more as Short Wave Warfare continues....

Watain Lawless Darkness

Blood Revolt will unleash their new album Indoctrine via Profound Lore, featuring the vocal stylings of A.A. Nemtheanga (Primordial) along with the killer combo of J. Read (Revenge, Axis of Advance) and C. Ross (Axis of Advance). So far what I have heard from the new LP is absolutely punishing, with Nemtheanga's vocals soaring above it all. Look for more details on this LP forthcoming...

Neurot opens it's second triad disc (the first was Red Sparowes, Made Out of Babies, and Battle of Mice) with a theme, a tribute to the great Hawkwind! Harvestman (aka Steve Von Till), Minsk, and US Christmas will triple team this release, each contributing three songs to the mix. The tracklisting for the LP is below, look for it this May. Minsk is currently working on a "vinyl only conceptual piece".

Lightning Swords of Death have announced new details on their forthcoming LP for Metal Blade! Produced by Roskva, the long player is entitled The Extra Dimensional Wound and due via Metal Blade on 5/25. Full tracklisting is below... look out for it!

NACHTMYSTIUM - Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II

Loss will re-release their monolithic (and highly recommended!) demo Life Without Hope, Death Without Reason via Parasitic Records on 45 rpm 10" with an 11x17 fold out poster, insert and cover. You may recognize the name Loss from a colossal four-way split the band did with Otesanek, Mournful Congregation, and Orthodox in 2008 on Battle Kommand (Blake Judd's label). For more on how to order one of the 500 black vinyl pieces pressed, head to the Parasitic site. The label also has the Mortuary/Laboratory 7" by The Howling Wind (label head Tim Call's band with Ryan of Unearthly Trance), so add that to your cart as well. The Howling Wind's new LP, Into The Cryosphere, is out now via Profound Lore. We profiled the band last month.

Kylesa have signed to Season of Mist, who will release their new effort that will hopefully be "out later this year." The Savannah crew will spend May through July tracking the record at The Jam Room in Columbia, SC and gear up for US tours in Fall 2010/Winter 2011 and Europe before that with Converge. Congrats!

Knut have announced a new album, Wonder, due on Hydra Head Records! The brutal math-sludge-core band will unleash said brutality upon the world on June 29th, so stay tuned for more on that upcoming burner.

As previously discussed, Italian doomers Ufomammut are welcoming Eve, their new LP on Supernatural Cat. Checkout a snippet from the LP above, and a video preview of the LP below.

Yakuza recently debuted a new track at Stereogum from their forthcoming (and in high rotation) LP Of Seismic Consequence due on Profound Lore. Check out "Stones & Bones", available for download above.

Culted's blackened doom EP, Of Death And Ritual, is a worthy follow up to last year's great Below The Thunder of the Upper Deep and is definitely worth a listened. Check out the first track, "Spirituosa", available for download above.

Integrity - The Blackest Curse trailer

As previously discussed, Sayyadina's collection of grindcore furor The Great Northern Revisited is out now. It's a great primer for the sick Swedish band and definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of any of the members other projects (Victims, General Surgery, Nasum). Check out "Razor Discipline" available above.

Castevet has unveiled Mounds of Ash, their new LP for their new label, Profound Lore! Featuring current and ex-members of NYC greats like Copremesis, Defeatist, and Anodyne, the band will release their seven track LP on the label on May 25th, showcasing their patented blend of hardcore rhythms with black metal. The lead track for Mounds of Ash, "Grey Matter", is above. The band currently has two shows on their calendar, supporting Ludicra/Krallice at Europa on 4/17, and an album release show on June 7th at Lit Lounge.

When I think of hardcore, Milwaukee definitely doesn't come to mind, yet the incredible Get Rad is here to prove me wrong. I Can Always Live is the new album from this brutal unit that knows their way around an old school jam, but also keep it current- all with a sly sense of humor. Check out two tracks from the band above, and pick up the new LP via Gilead Media/Hyperrealist.

GET RAD - Dude Fest 2009 afterparty, did an entire set of Minor Threat covers. "12XU", "In My Eyes", "Out of Step"

Hells Headbangers and No Colours Records will co-release the new Inquisition LP, Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm. Stream a new song from that LP at Hells Headbangers. The label will also release a reissue of their 1998 LP Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult onto 2LP and CD. Inquisition will play Europa on May 23rd as well as Chaos in Tejas. Tickets are still available.

Ajna will release a four-way split entitled On The Powers of The Sphinx featuring contributions from Nightbringer, Saturnalia Temple, Aluk Todolo, and Nihil Nocturne. The four way features a single original song from each band aimed at "evoking the power of the Sphinx". More on that four way, which is out NOW, can be found at the Ajna site. Nightbringer's Apocalypse Sun is due on May 11th via The Ajna Offensive.

Woe will begin recording their new LP for Candlelight, Quietly, Undramatically this weekend. The eight song effort stretches 40 minutes, with two of those songs viewable below in a recent appearance at Heart of Winter Fest (pics/review). Woe will play The Studio @ Webster Hall on 4/29 with Alcest and Have a Nice Life. We documented Alcest's first show EVER in Romania (with Agalloch).

Woe at Heart of Winter Fest 2010

Public Guilt Records will showcase the great Psychic Paramount with Ala Muerte, Microkingdom, Destructo Swarmbots, Aun, and Terminal Lovers at a show at Party Expo on May 15th. The label recently dropped the domestic release of Aluk Todolo's Finsternis.

Deathwish has released their sampler, featuring Converge, Narrows, Integrity, Nails, Rise And Fall, 108, Starkweather, Overmars, Trap Them, United Nations, Ressurection, and TONS of others. Download that above.

Lord Mantis is currently streaming a new demo track,"Perverter Of The Will", at their myspace.

Only Death is Real, the book about the early days of Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, is out NOW via Bazillion Points. If you a nerd about Hellhammer and early (and latter!) Celtic Frost like I am, it's a must.

Karma To Burn have scheduled an NYC show with Year Long Disaster on 5/14. Local faves Naam and Hull will beef up the undercard. Tickets are on sale.

One record that I have woefully neglected to mention thus far is the awesome new effort by Daughters. Though the self-titled album sees the Providence team tamer than on their previous unhinged efforts, it definitely rules. Stream the whole thing!

COFFINS live May 22nd, 2008 at Mr. Roboto Project in Pittsburgh, PA

Hail of Bullets are currently recording their new LP! The band, which features Martin van Drunen of Asphyx/Pestilence/Bolt Thrower fame, will be their first since 2008's awesome ...Of Frost and War. More details are on the way.

The Body have signed with At a Loss (!) and are touring with Dead Times, and will hit Queens on 4/28 at Red Light District. Full tour dates are below.

North has parted ways with their guitarist Ty Engle and are working on a follow-up to 2008's great What You Were. More details are forthcoming. The band expects to hit the road in summer/fall 2010.

Haarp will release their full length on Housecore Records (Phil Anselmo's label). The band just finished recording their contribution to the previously mentioned four-way split with Thou, A Hanging, and Dark Castle.

Impaled Nazarene are working on, and will release their new and 11th LP in November 2010. Look for more details on the LP and a live DVD commemorating their 20th anniversary!

Cripple Bastards have a new 7" and a new LP on the way for Relapse! The Italian grind band released the killer Variante alla Morte via FETO (Shane Embury of Napalm Death's label) in 2008. We previewed the record then.

Merrimack has replaced their guitarist and drummer in the wake of recent departures, but the vocalist seat remains empty. Contact the band if you think you can fill the slot:

Horseback have signed to Relapse Records. Congrats boys! Look for Relapse to re-release The Invisible Matter later this summer. Meanwhile, pre-order the LP via Aurora Borealis.

UK blackened doom sickos Dragged Into Sunlight will re-release their Billy Anderson-produced debut LP Hatred for Mankind via Prosthetic Records in July.

Eyehategod have scheduled an entire East Coast tour surrounding their MDF appearance which includes the BV-sponsored show at Europa on 6/12 (tickets). Full dates are below.

Drugs of Faith, who made a splash with their demo and ensuing appearance on This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 will hit the studio in May with Kevin Bernsten (Triac) to record their first full length EP for Selfmadegod records. More details are forthcoming.

Music Hates You has scheduled an NYC show at the Charlestion with Descender and Wizardry as part of a larger tour for the ATL crusty-doom band. Full tour sked is below.

Phobia at UGZ Speed Trials 2010

Yet another Justin Broadrick project to look out for, Pale Sketcher:

It occurred to me during the writing of the last Jesu EP 'Opiate Sun' in early 2009, that Jesu, first and foremost, was intended to be a guitar oriented project. The 'electronica' side of Jesu was just an inevitable direction for me, but never satisfied with this battle between guitars and electronica with Jesu, I decided to separate the two directions - Jesu, now, and for the forseeable future, being guitar based exclusively, with Pale Sketcher being the project where I can focus and develop further, the Jesu 'electronica' sound, without need for further fusion or compromise.

Pale Sketcher has posted a preview of "Plans That Fade" (Fade Dub) from the project that will show up on both jesu : Pale Sketches Demixed (due Aug 2010) and the Ghostly By Night Compilation, available via Ghostly International. Stream all of the Ghostly by Night Comp. All of this says nothing about Broadrick's upcoming Blood Of Heroes project with Bill Laswell, Submerged, End.user, and vocalist Dr. Israel, due on Ohm Resistance. Preorder that via the label.

Man Is The Bastard/ Bastard Noise will release unearthed material previously slated for Spazz and Despise You splits from 1998! More details on the reworked recordings are available via the band. In addition, we have word that The Bastard Noise is scheduled to play Brooklyn on June 26th and 28th. According to tour dates on The Communion's myspace they are. No word on the accuracy of the dates, the venues, nor the lineup, but keep an eye out on BV for future updates. The Bastard Noise has a new album on the way, A Culture of Monsters, due this summer on Deep Six Records (for CD) and Housepig/Hear More for the LP version.

While we are on the subject of The Communion, R.I.P. Lee Altomare.

Another date listed on The Communion's myspace is with Circle of Dead Children on July 10th at Rockstar Bar with Buckshot Facelift. So far, CODC doesnt have any new dates, but they do have a new album on the way: Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer on Willowtip. Download a pair of tracks at the Willowtip site, and preorder the record before it hits shelves on June 8th.

One piece of news that I find fascinating, but haven't seen in many places is The High Confessions. The new band featuring Sanford Parker (Minsk, Nachtmystium), Chris Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Killing Joke), Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), and engineer Jeremy Lemos will release their new LP Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions, on Relapse. More details are forthcoming, but the teaming alone is pretty fascinating.

Kill The Client at UGZ Speed Trials 2010

French ambient/sludge brutalizers Year of No Light will release Ausserwelt via Conspiracy Records on April 26th. The album, which features the massive "Hi¥erophant" (which recently appeared on The Silent Ballet comp and is above) marks the first appearance of axeslinger Shiran of Monarch!. Preorder the LP. Monarch! recently released Mer Morte domestically via Crucial Blast.

Mammoth Grinder have dropped news about their summer plans which include the "Obsessed With Death" 7" single on Hell Massacre, another 7" due on Cyclopean, and a contribution to the forthcoming "In The Year of Our Lord: A Tribute to Rorschach". The band also plans to hit the road this summer with Innumerable Forms, the side project of Justin Detore, former session member of Funebrarum and current member of Mind Eraser. Innumerable Forms have their own limited 7" also available via Painkiller Records subsidiary Hell Massacre. Look for those tour dates, as this 7" is killer.

Black metal Canadians Akitsa have returned with their first LP since La Grand Infamie four years ago, au crÈpuscule de l'espÈrance, out now via Hospital Productions. Stream a new track at their myspace.

All Pigs Must Die is a new band featuring members of Converge, The Hope Conspiracy, and Bloodhorse. The band is currently working out some new tunes in the studio.

Menace Ruine will release their new and fourth album Union of Irreconcilables via Aurora Borealis. Stream the new track "The Upper Hand" at the label's site.

Hardcore greats Verbal Abuse will team up with powerviolencers Capitalist Casualties, Magrudergrind and Fang for a pair of NYC shows on May 22nd, ABC No Rio during the day and Europa that night with Strong Intention. Tickets are on sale for Europa. The show is part of a short stint of dates surrounding their appearance at MDF.

Lair Of The Minotaur - "Evil Power" video. Reminder, Lair of The Minotaur play The Charleston with Unearthly Trance on 4/21.

Raw Radar War (featuring Jonah of Only Living Witness) will release the White Death 7" on Chainsaw Safety Records. More details are on the way.

Cattle Decapitation has scheduled a show at Europa on 4/23 with Mutant Supremacy. Tickets are on sale.

Pestilence will tour the US shortly after their appearance at Maryland Deathfest with a little help from Vital Remains and Warbringer. Pick up advance tickets for all dates, including NYC at Gramercy on 6/17, at Enter The Vault.

Houston grinders PLF (aka Pretty Little Flower) practice what they refer to as "pro-mosh, pro-fun DIY grindcore". These badass grinders recently played Speed Trails (video below) and are hitting the road with Gride for a string of dates leading up to their appearance at the MDF pre-party. Those dates include May 25th at Bushwick Bike Shop in Brooklyn. Full tour dates are below.

End Of a Year have added an NYC show at Bushwick Music Studios on June 9th. The band has a new LP coming soon on Deathwish.

PLF at UGZ Speed Trials 2010

Lots of interesting small releases lately! High Anxiety have round two of presumably release the last ever Cursed release (the band is no more) entitled The Last Session culled from live audio taken on what would prove to be their final tour. Robotic Empire has released a Young Widows live record from a 2009 radio session (check out a track). Skullflower is sharing a split with White Medal on Turgid Animal. Nunslaughter also welcomes the Black EP on Hells Headbangers. Outlaw Recordings also welcomes a Midnight/Abigail split from Midnight's recent trek to Japan. Midnight also has a 2LP of Complete and Total Fucking Midnight out on Nuclear War Now.

Black Sun is working on their new album Twilight Of The Gods featuring contributions from the great Eugene Robinson (as previously discussed). More details are forthcoming.

Grand Magus welcomes a new LP, Hammer Of The North, for Roadrunner Records. Dig on the album cover for this (presumably) old school doom release below.

Grand Magus

Thou and UK doom killers Moloch are hitting the road together, tagging the west coast in June and into July. Full tour sked is below.

Liturgy - "Pagan Dawn"

Seraphim will hit the east coast in May and June, tagging NYC at Bushwick Music Studios on 5/27 and again in NYC on a second unannounced date. Seraphim's awesome 7" is out now via A389 and the trek includes a stop to record their new LP! Stay tuned for more info.

4/21 Charleston - Lair of the Minotaur, The Binary Code, Elks, Vermefug
4/21 Union Pool - Jarboe, Bezoar, Chaos CM Majik
4/22 Knit - Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Attake
4/22 Charleston - The Wayward, Vaz, Pfisters, Twin Stumps
4/23 The Production Lounge - Wizardry, Bezoar
4/23 Europa - Cattle Decapitation, Mutant Supremacy
4/24 Cake Shop - Narrows, Acid Tiger, I Hate Our Freedom
4/25 Irving Plaza - Amon Amarth, Holy Grail
4/25 Public Assembly - Premonitions of War, Tiger Flowers
4/26 Lit - Abacinate, Regain the Heart Condemned, Humanity Falls
4/29 Studio at Webster Hall - Alcest, Woe, Have a Nice Life
5/1 Nokia - Overkill, Vader, God Dethroned, Warbringer, Evile
5/2 Union Pool - The Austerity Program, Disappearer, Phantom Glue
5/5 Union Pool - Lord Mantis, Sea of Bones
5/6 Santos - Converge, Touche Amore, Black Breath, Lewd Acts
5/6 Fontanas - Gnaw, Sin of Angels
5/7 Union Pool - Stinking Lizavetta, Midnight City Kids
5/14 Knit - Karma to Burn, Year Long Disaster, Naam
5/14 Fat Baby - Abominable Iron Sloth, Tiger Flowers
5/15 Party Expo - Psychic Paramount, Ala Muerte, Microkingdom, Destructo Swarmbots, Aun, and Terminal Lovers
5/15 ABC No Rio - Kykloopien Sukupuutto
5/16 Charleston - Music Hates You, Descender, Wizardry
5/21 Union Pool - Orphan, Dead Body
5/21 Bowery - Trash Talk
5/22 ABC No Rio - Verbal Abuse, Capitalist Casualties, Fang, Cojoba
5/22 Europa - Verbal Abuse, Capitalist Casualties, Fang, Strong Intention
5/23 Europa - Inquisition, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Aagrath, Dimentianon
5/25 Bushwick Bike Shop - P.L.F., Gride
5/26 Knit - Portal, Krallice, Gorguts, Bloody Panda
5/26 Fontanas - Ingrowing, Rompeprop, Jesus Crost, Sexcrement, Demilitia
5/28 Union Pool - Rosetta, Ken Mode, My America, Engineer
5/28 Gramercy - Sodom, Rumpelstiltskin Grinde
5/29 ABC No Rio - Starkweather, Rosetta
5/30 Europa - D.R.I., Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

- Bible of the Devil are hitting the road for a brief tour of the west. Tour sked is below.
- Battlefields are currently working on their new LP entitled Agassiz based on the glacial lake Agassiz.
- Weekend Nachos are streaming a song from their forthcoming Bleed EP on Relapse Records.
- Order Krallice's Dimensional Bleedthrough on 2xLP via Gilead Media.
- Bloody Panda's Summon is finally available on 2LP via 20 Buck Spin.
- Shadow of The Torturer has uploaded two new tracks to their myspace.
- Winter will reportedly release Into Darkness on vinyl via Southern Lord. Look for more details soon.
- Varg Vikernes was interviewed by Deciblog.
- Rick Smith of Torche has started a new label, Amnesian Records. The first release will be a 10" of Meanderthal demos.
- Negura Bunget are streaming the new song "Tara de dincolo de negura" form their upcoming LP VÓrstele pamÓntului at their myspace.
- More Richmond hardcore to burn you alive as Heathens are prepping to release their new LP on Thrashed Records. Filthy and crusty, dig one of those tracks at their myspace and preorder that record.
- Danzig has signed with The End, who will release his new album Deth Red Saboath on June 22nd via his Evilive imprint. Look for the dark one to hit the road for some "extensive" touring shortly thereafter.
- Mumakil and Blockhead have teamed up for a split 7" on Relapse Records
- Saviours have released a limited edition pressing of Into Abaddon on Red Cobalt.
- Bridge 9 has signed Mother of Mercy. Congrats boys! - Goatsnake have reissued Flower of Disease via Southern Lord.
- Clutch has a live double DVD on the way, Live at 9:30. Look for it May 11th.
- No new album for Orange Goblin in 2010.
- The Obelisk interviewed Matt Pike of High On Fire, Bobby Liebling of Pentagram, AND Chuck Brown of Apostle of Solitude.
- Deathwish will issue Converge's landmark LP Jane Doe on 2xLP VINYL. Preorder that via Deathwish.
- Horseback have signed with Relapse Records.
- For a limited time, get the Southern Lord sampler for FREE download.

07.04.10 Belgium Antwerp Trix
08.04.10 France Nantes Metalorgie Festival
09.04.10 Spain Bilbao Santana 27
10.04.10 Portugal Porto Porto Rio
11.04.10 Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas
12.04.10 Spain Barcelona Be Cool
13.04.10 France Poitiers Le Confort Moderne
14.04.10 France Lille Le Grand Mix
15.04.10 Netherlands Tilburg Roadburn Festival
16.04.10 France Nancy L'autre Canal
17.04.10 Switzerland Lausanne Impetus Festival
18.04.10 France Lyon GRND ZERO VAISE
19.04.10 France Belfort La Poudriere
20.04.10 France Paris La Maroquenerie
21.04.10 Germany Karlsruhe Substage
22.04.10 Italy Bologna Covo
23.04.10 Italy Mezzago (MI) Bloom
24.04.10 Austria Linz Kapu
25.04.10 Greece Athens Sfentona Club
26.04.10 Day Off
27.04.10 Finland Helsinki Tavastia
28.04.10 Norway Oslo The Garage
29.04.10 Day Off
30.04.10 Poland Wroclaw Asymetry Festival
01.05.10 Poland Gdynia Ucho
02.05.10 Germany Potsdam Archiv

Twilight - Monument To Time End Tracklist:
The Cryptic Ascension
Fall Behind Eternity
8,000 Years
Red Fields
Convulsions in Wells of Fever
Decaying Observer
The Catastrophe Exhibition
Negative Signal Omega

Watain - Lawless Darkness Tracklist:
01. "Death's Cold Dark"
02. "Malfeitor"
03. "Reaping Death"
04. "Four Thrones"
05. "Wolves Curse"
06. "Lawless Darkness"
07. "Total Funeral"
08. "Hymn to Qayin"
09. "Kiss of Death"
10. "Waters of Ain"

Apr 8 @TupeloSkatePark (Seraphim record release show!) tupelo, Mississippi
Apr 9 @the tavern w/moose hattiesburg, Mississippi
Apr 10 @rusty robots record store w/moose gulfport, Mississippi
apr 12 @ TBA gainsville, fl
Apr 13 @ transitions art gallery tampa, Florida
Apr 14 @ uncle lous orlando, Florida
Apr 15 contact us if interested
Apr 16 @tba miami, Florida
Apr 17 @the devils playground jacksonville, Florida
may 18 tba*
may 19 roanoke, va *
may 20 West virginia *
may 21 @rock room pittsburgh, pa *
may 22 @the funeral home buffalo, ny *
may 23 albany, ny area *
may 24 VT, NH *
may 25 @anchors up haverhill, ma *
may 26 conneticut *
may 27 @bushwich music studios brooklyn, ny *
may 28- june 2 baltimore recording LP *
june 3 baltimore, md w/ engineer *
june 4 deleware *
june 5 philadelphia, pa *
june 6 new jersey *
june 7 @corpse fortress washington dc *
june 8 richmond, va *
june 9 @CFBG greensboro, nc *
june 10 charolette, nc *
june 11 TBA *
june 12 @the basement myrtle beach, sc *
june 13 charleston, sc *
june 14 columbia, sc *
june 15 atlanta, ga *
* w/altered state

04.07 - Birmingham, Alabama The Firehouse with: BLACK HOLE KIDS and NULL*
04.08 - Carrboro, North Carolina Looking Glass Cafe with: FROM THE DEPTHS and SYSTEMS*
04.09 - Newark, Delaware (matinee) Powerpukehaus with: HOLY DIRT and PAGAN WOLF RITUAL*
04.09 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lava Space (Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Zone)with: NO COFFINS, BACKSLIDER, HULK SMASH, J. DANGER, and FAT HISTORY MONTH*
04.10 - New York, New York (matinee) ABC No Rio with: HINGES, STOCKADE, and WULFKRIEG*
04.10 - Providence, Rhode Island (late show) AS220 with: KINTAAN, BLACK PYRAMID, and ELDER*
04.11 - Baltimore, Maryland (possible matinee show) Charm City Arts Space with: OAK and PALA*
04.11 - Washington, DC Big Bear Cafe with: DANKE*
05.07 - Tallahassee, Florida The Farside *
05.07 - Gainesville, Florida (late night show) The Junkyward with: AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER, LIBYANS, and ABDUKTION*
05.08 - Jacksonville, Florida (matinee) with: CIVILIZATION and LEGACIES*
05.09 - Pensacola, Florida Sluggos with: IDIOT ICON, TIME TO DESTROY, BEDWETTER, and NAM JUNE SIKE*
06.10 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
06.11 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
06.12 - Tempe, Arizona (matinee)
06.12 - San Diego, California Che Cafe with: GHOSTLIMB and ABANDON
06.13 - Tijuana, Mexico 1979 with: MALADIE
06.14 - Los Angeles, California (matinee) Vacation Vinyl
06.14 - Los Angeles, California The Smell with: GRAF ORLOCK
06.15 - Los Angeles, California (matinee) Distort House with: BLOODY PHOENIX and WHAT SHAME?
06.15 - Inglewood, California Hyde Park Half with: DANGERS
06.16 - Santa Barbara, California with: CONTEND
06.17 - San Luis Obispo, California (matinee) Broadlodge with: HEARSE
06.17 - Santa Cruz, California Cafe Pergolesi with: FELL VOICES
06.18 - San Francisco, California Thee Parkside with: FELL VOICES
06.19 - Berkeley, California Gilman with: FELL VOICES
06.20 - Oakland, California (matinee) with: LOCKSTEP
06.20 - Santa Rosa, California with: LITANY FOR THE WHALE
06.21 - Sacramento, California (matinee) R5 Records with: CAULFIELD
06.21 - Redding, California with: THE SEPARATION
06.22 - Arcata, California Aloha House with: ASH BORER and FALL THE GIANTS
06.23 - Salem, Oregon Burial Grounds
06.24 - Portland, Oregon with: NUX VOMICA and NANDA DEVI
06.25 - Olympia, Washington Northern
06.26 - Seattle, Washington (early show) with: MARROW and HEIRESS
06.26 - Seattle, Washington with: LESBIAN
06.27 - Spokane, Washington (matinee) Cretin Hop
06.27 - Missoula, Montana Abe's Studio
06.28 - Fargo, North Dakota The Red Raven with: BATTLEFIELDS
06.29 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota with: BATTLEFIELDS
06.30 - Lincoln, Nebraska The Ghost House
07.01 - Columbia, Missouri The Hairholewith: NONSERVIAM
07.02 - New Orleans, Louisiana
07.03 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
* No Moloch

Apr 22 2010 Drunken Unicorn w/ Ludicra, Dead In The Dirt Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 23 2010 Little Hamilton w/ Buzzardstein, Karoshi Nashville, Tennessee
Apr 24 2010 JJ's Bohemia w/ Night Of The Wolf, Oxxen Chattanooga, Tennessee
Apr 25 2010 The Green Lantern w/ Fuck Nights, All American Werewolves Lexington, Kentucky
Apr 26 2010 FuBar St. Louis, Missouri
Apr 27 2010 Blue Moose w/ Aseethe Iowa City, Iowa
Apr 28 2010 The Melody Inn w/ Bullet Wolf Indianapolis, Indiana
Apr 29 2010 Metal Shaker Chicago, Illinois
Apr 30 2010 Mac's Bar w/ Lo-Pan, Balboa, Omnia Discordia Lansing, Michigan
May 1 2010 Ravari Room w/ Lo-Pan, Mt. Carmel, Sun God Columbus, Ohio
May 2 2010 Annabell's w/ Lo-Pan, Mockingbird, Megachurch Akron, Ohio
May 3 2010 Now That's Class w/ Lo-Pan Cleveland, Ohio
May 4 2010 The Smiling Moose w/ Lo-Pan, Channel Scorpion News Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 5 2010 TBA Buffalo, New York
May 6 2010 Monty's Krown Rochester, New York
May 12 2010 London Billiards/ Club Oasis w/ The Abominable Iron Sloth Worcester, Massachusetts
May 13 2010 O'Brien's Pub w/ Pride Parade, Proselyte Allston, Massachusetts
May 14 2010 Cherry Street Station w/ Pride Parade, Old Man Lady Luck, Sea Of Bones Wallingford, Connecticut
May 15 2010 Rudy's w/ Pride Parade, Lord Fowl New Haven, Connecticut
May 16 2010 The Charleston w/ Wizardry, Descender New York City, New York
May 17 2010 So Addictive w/ Drugs Of Faith Herndon, Virginia
May 18 2010 The Velvet Lounge w/ Osedax America, Washington DC
May 19 2010 TBA / Black Skies Richmond, Virginia
May 20 2010 Local 506 w/ Black Skies. Make Chapel Hill, North Carolina
May 21 2010 The Milestone w/ Black Skies, Chamelon Charlotte, North Carolina
May 22 2010 Little Kings w/ Black Skies, Pride Parade, Shark Heart Athens, Georgia
Jun 27 2010 The Nick Birmingham, Alabama
Jul 4 2010 Red 7 Austin, Texas

April 1st Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge w/Slough Feg, Hay Perro
April 2nd Madison, WI @ The Frequency w/Slough Feg, Imperial Battlesnake
April 3rd Louisville, KY @ Third Street Dive w/Slough Feg, The Vibrolas
April 4th Carbondale, IL @ PKís w/Slough Feg, Zuul
April 5th Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone CafÈ w/Slough Feg, Dead-I-On
April 6th Austin, TX @ Emoís w/Slough Feg, Radio Moscow, Naam
April 7th San Antonio, TX @ Nightrocker Live w/Slough Feg
April 8th Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad w/Slough Feg, Leeches of Lore
April 9th Scottsdale, AZ @ The Rogue w/Slough Feg, Vektor, Greenhaven
April 10th Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland w/Slough Feg, Professor
April 11th San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside w/Slough Feg, Orchid
April 12th Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro w/Slough Feg, Elk, Cold Grave
April 13th Portland, OR @ Rotture w/Dark Black, Order of the Gash
April 14th Seattle, WA @ The Funhouse w/Witchburn, Hakai
April 15th Missoula, MT @ The Palace w/Rooster Sauce
April 16th Rapid City, SD @ Romanís Pub w/Woman is the Earth
April 17th Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room w/Bloodcow, The Dinks, Desire to Destroy

Hawkwind Triad tracklist:
U.S. Christmas - "Master of the Universe"
Harvestman - "D Rider"
Minsk - "7×7?
Harvestman - "Down Through The Night"
Minsk - "Assault and Battery/The Golden Void"
U.S. Christmas - "Psychedelic Warlords"
Minsk - "Children of the Sun"
U.S. Christmas - "Orgone Accumulator"
Harvestman - "The Watcher"
U.S. Christmas - "You Shouldn't Do That"
Harvestman - "Magnu"

May 15 2010 @ Mangos Houston, Texas
May 16 2010 @ The Trainyard Las Cruces, New Mexico
May 17 2010 @ The BLVD Los Angeles, California
May 18 2010 @ Submission Art Space San Fransisco, California
May 19 2010 @ Satyricon Portland, Oregon
May 20 2010 @ The Red Room Boise, Idaho
May 21 2010 @ Blast-O-Mat Denver, Colorado
May 22 2010 @ Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 23 2010 @ The Rathole Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 23 2010 @ The Albion House (EARLY SHOW!!) Chicago, Illinois
May 24 2010 @ The Leathershop Lima, Ohio
May 25 2010 @ Bushwick Bike Shop Brooklyn, New York
May 26 2010 @ somewhere Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 27 2010 @ MDF Pre-Fest Party Baltimore, Maryland
Jun 8 2010 @ Walters w/ SFN Houston, Texas

6/03/2010 Backbooth ñ Orlando, FL
6/04/2010 Ground Zero ñ Spartanburg, SC **
6/05/2010 Volume 11 ñ Raleigh, NC
6/06/2010 Headliners ñ Louisville, KY
6/07/2010 Fubar ñ St Louis, MO
6/08/2010 Muse ñ Nashville, TN
6/09/2010 Alley Katz ñ Richmond, VA
6/10/2010 Krugís ñ Frederick, MD
6/11/2010 Unitarian Church ñ Philadelphia, PA
6/12/2010 Europa ñ Brooklyn, NY
6/13/2010 Club Hall ñ Providence, RI
6/14/2010 Daniel St ñ Milford, CT
6/15/2010 Rockoís ñ Manchester, NH
6/16/2010 Bug Jar ñ Rochester, NY
6/17/2010 Now Thatís Class ñ Cleveland, OH
6/18/2010 Blondieís Detroit, MI
6/19/2010 Empty Bottle ñ Chicago, IL
6/20/2010 Empty Bottle ñ Chicago, IL

5/30/2010 Sonar - Baltimore, MD (as part of Maryland Deathfest)*
5/31/2010 Club Mosaic - Chattanooga, TN **
6/01/2010 The Bar - New Orleans, LA **
6/02/2010 Emo's - Austin, TX
6/03/2010 Ridglea Theater - Ft. Worth, TX
6/04/2010 Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM
6/05/2010 Club Red - Tempe, AZ
6/06/2010 Ramona Mainstage - Ramona, CA
6/07/2010 Ultra Violet - Los Angeles, CA
6/08/2010 DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA
6/09/2010 Satyricon - Portland, OR
6/10/2010 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
6/13/2010 Station 4 - St Paul, MN
6/14/2010 Reggie's - Chicago, IL
6/15/2010 Mod Club Theater - Toronto, ON **
6/16/2010 Les Foufounes Electriques - Montreal, QC **
6/17/2010 Gramercy Theater - New York, NY
* Pestilence only
** No Warbringer

Lightning Swords of Death - The Extra Dimensional Wound tracklisting:
1. Nilhilistic Stench
2. Invoke The Desolate One
3. Zwargalling
4. Damnation Pentastrike
5. Venter Of The Black Beast
6. Vorticating Into Scars
7. Paths To Chaos

APRIL 17 Philadelphia, PA @ International Waters House
APRIL 18 Pittsburgh, PA @ Helter Shelter
APRIL 19 Cincinnati, OH @ BUNK MUSIC SPACE (Mockbee Building, 2260 Central Parkway) w/ Coche Bomba (Fr), Paralyzer (OH)
APRIL 20 Chicago, IL @ the Empty bottle (1035 N Western Ave) w/ Sun Splitter EARLY SHOW starts at 7:00pm
APRIL 21 Milwaukee, WI @ the Borg Ward (823 W. National) w/ Climax Denial, Slob Donovan, Owlscry
APRIL 22 Minneapolis, MN
APRIL 26 Buffalo, NY @ 9th Ward (341 delaware) w/ Sonorous Gale, Inerds,, Ordinary Men and Women
APRIL 27 Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel Arts (43 Main Street)
APRIL 29 Queens, NYC @ Red Light District (1034 Bay 25th Street, Queens, NY) w/Neckhold

May 13 2010 Minneapolis TBA minneapolis, Minnesota
May 14 2010 Reggies Chicago, Illinois
May 15 2010 Bernies columbus, Ohio
May 16 2010 The Muse Nashville, Tennessee
May 17 2010 585 wells st atlanta, Georgia
May 19 2010 The Milestone Charlotte, North Carolina
May 20 2010 Alley Katz richmond, Virginia
May 21 2010 Kung Fu Neck Tie philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 22 2010 europa brooklyn, New York
May 23 2010 Club Hell Providence, Rhode Island
May 24 2010 bug jar Rochester, New York
May 25 2010 Blondies detroit, Michigan
May 26 2010 Lansing TBA lansing, Michigan
May 27 2010 Now Thatís Class Cleveland, Ohio
May 28 2010 Belvadiers Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
May 30 2010 sonar Baltimore, Maryland

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