Shudder to ThinkShudder to Think broke up in 1998. Almost ten years later, and there still hasn't been a reunion. Frontman Craig Wedren - known to sing a STT song now and then - remains an active member of the NYC music scene. He has a solo album out on Team Love, has various bands, contributes to almost anything State/Stella-related, and gets all artsy when he's doing his thing with the Citizens Band.

Shudder to Think guitarist Nathan Larson is married to Nina Persson of the Cardigans. Together they make music in their recently-active newer band A Camp. Shudder to Think "drummer for hire" Kevin March is currently drumming with Craig again (he isn't the original STT drummer, but he did play with them).

Other members of the Citizens Band (Craig's artsy thing) include Craig's sometimes-band-member Amy Miles, Jack White's wife Karen Elson, Angela McLuskey, and Rain Phoenix. Rain Phoenix also has a band called Papercranes. Last week I alerted you to a Papercranes residency going on at Mercury Lounge in NYC. At tonight's residency show (Sept 17, 2007), Papercranes (8:00) will be joined by Luke Schurman (whose apt recently burned) (7:00), Craig Wedren (9:00), and A Camp (10:00).

Not only does that mean that three members of Shudder to Think will be in the house, Craig is in fact promising the closest thing to a Shudder To Think reunion in history - all three members playing together, and more importantly - playing STT songs together. The Mercury Lounge bill still just says Craig Wedren, so I asked again, and they said, "Yep - all shudder (and a handful of craig's solo songs, I'm assuming)".

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