SideWalk Cafe closing this weekend after hosting one last Antifolk Festival

More bummer East Village news: SideWalk Cafe will close its doors after Saturday (2/23), reports Bedford & Bowery.The restaurant/bar/venue was sold to new owners back in December. Opened in 1985 on the corner of Ave A and E. 6th St, SideWalk Cafe became the home of The Fort, which was spearheaded by singer-songwriter Lach and was at the center of the NYC Anti-folk scene that included Beck, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Brenda Kahn, Paleface, Hamell on Trial, Michelle Shocked, Roger Manning, John S. Hall, Moldy Peaches, and more.

Lach stepped down from his role at SideWalk in 2008, but the NYC Antifolk Festival lived on and, appropriately, the 2019 Winter Antifolk Festival will close out SideWalk’s final weekend. Tonight’s lineup includes Jason Trachtenberg, Caged Animals, Debe Dalton, Turner Cody, and more; and Saturday (2/23) includes sets from Diane Cluck, Toby Goodshank (Moldy Peaches), “Special Guests,” the final Sidewalk Open Mic, and more. You can check out the full schedule for Sidewalk’s last two nights below.

Related: The Hells Angels are leaving the East Village, too. SideWalk Cafe, we are sorry to see you go.


Friday, February 22nd, 2019
6:30 pm: James Bannon
7:00 pm: Daniel Adam Saftler
7:30 pm: Day Clancy
8:00 pm: Lunchbøx
8:30 pm: Joe Yoga
9:00 pm: Debe Dalton
9:30 pm: Jason Trachtenburg
10:00 pm: Turner Cody
10:30 pm: Caged Animals
11:00 pm: American Anymen
11:30 pm: Timothy Dark

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019
3:00 pm: The Final Sidewalk Open Mic. – hosted by Somer. Special guest star Jon Berger
Sign up at 2:30 by lottery.
6:30 pm: Somer – a few words, a few songs.
7:00 pm: Sourdoe
7:30 pm: Horra
8:00 pm: Barry Bliss
8:30 pm: Toby Goodshank
9:00 pm: Erin Regan
9:30 pm: *Special Guests*
10:30 pm: Dan Penta
11:00 pm: Diane Cluck
11:45 pm: Closing Ceremonies